Persistence of the chronic wound implicating biofilm

  • Alan D Widgerow Linksfield Hospital
Keywords: persistent chronic wounds, bioflim


Chronic wounds by their very nature are recalcitrant and resistant to treatment. The pervading illness and pathology associated with the particular background disease, be it venous insufficiency, diabetes or the pathology underlying pressure ulcers have in the past been used as an explanation for non-healing and chronicity in these wounds. Thus managing poor perfusions, nutrition, sugar control, avoiding repetitive pressure have been and remain priorities in the overall treatment of these chronic wounds. It is apparent however, that in many cases, even when these processes are managed well, wounds still advance to non-healing and chronicity. Of late more and more authors are looking at biofilm formation and its behaviour characteristics as a possible explanation for chronicity in many wounds.

Author Biography

Alan D Widgerow, Linksfield Hospital
MBBCh, MMed(Wits), FCS(Plast), FACS Private plastic surgeon, Linksfield Hospital, Johannesburg
Chronic Wounds