Billing/reimbursement strategies - Introducing the WHASA progress report

  • Liezl Naudé Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa
Keywords: Billing/reimbursement strategies


In the previous edition of WHSA we introduced the readers to the WHASA assessment form; the assessment form forms the basis for every wound assessment and also provides the necessary information for Medical Aids to grant authorisation for wound care. In this issue we would like to introduce the reader to the next step in documentation which is progress reporting. This document was co-authored by Sr Hiske Smart and Sr Febe Bruwer (Members of the WHASA EXCO committee) and the focus was on creating an easy to use example of a wound care progress report. The information captured in this document is essential to ensure that Medical Aids and practitioners capture the right information to ensure transparent feedback to all involved. The template includes the following detail: 1. Medical aid contact details of case manager 2. Practice details 3. Patient details 4. Previous wound assessment details 5. Wound progress photos (including the initial photo and the latest photo) 6. Current wound assessment details a. Please note that when there is more than one wound you need to do the assessment details per wound and not just an overall assessment. 7. Factors influencing wound healing 8. Pain measurement 9. Treatment plan 10. Estimated cost for the next treatment period 11. Signature of person who compiled the report The aim of this example (see next page) is to help practitioners standardise their wound management practices. As the Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa we firmly believe that wound management is a skill where theory and practice need to be combined in order to assure excellence in wound care. It is all about providing the best possible care for our patients.

Author Biography

Liezl Naudé, Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa
BCur(UP), MCur(UP)(ZA), Cert Wound Care (UOFS)(ZA), Cert Wound Care Hertfordshire) (UK) President of the Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa
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